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Coffee experience

I used to think myself as a coffee lover. I like tea and coffee either with or without milk. But my favorite is black coffee. Many people don’t like black coffee due to its bitter taste and I liked it for the same reason. Due to the reason easy to prepare, I take most of the branded instant coffee. Last week I had gone to a well known branded coffee shop in shopping mall with my friend. We were coming back to office after a client meeting and my friend suggested me to have a good coffee treat after the meeting. There we had a tempting experience which put me in a dilemma of continuing my love for coffee.

After we entered into the coffee shop waiter showed us a table to seat and presented the menu (like a weekly magazine). Without wasting our time by going through it we ordered two Espresso for us. I had Americano earlier and so I thought Espresso is something like that. After few minutes waiter served us our order. I  was little curious while looking at the items, 2 small cups containing 4-5 sips of dark black concentrated coffee along with small paper packs of sugar and few cookies. The quantity of coffee was quite low but I was impressed with the aroma coming from them. So I put little sugar which was colored brown from the pack, mixed it with a spoon and made myself prepared to have a great experience of coffee. I just sipped a little and spontaneously OMG came out from my mouth. It was so concentrated and so bitter I ever had. It seemed to me like I some horrible medicine. I was trying to have it as quickly as possible but it seemed to like one of the toughest jobs I ever had. Both of us were almost speechless while completing our cups. We paid the bill, came out of the shop. Form a nearby grocery shop we bought bottle of drinking water and almost emptied them. Then we took a car and rush back to our office. Rest of the day we were cherishing about the coffee we had.

Coffee - Espresso

Coffee - Espresso

Today I find out some good resource about coffee. I learned a lot about coffee and it’s ordering options. Now I am sure I won’t order Espresso, may be I will go for Espresso Macchiato or Flat White or Cappuccino or may be Caffé Mocha. I request to all the reader who likes coffee but have less knowledge about it please read Coffee Drinks Illustrated or similar kind of stuffs before you go for a coffee break.