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Freetag PEAR DB Version

While working with tagging application my favourite is freetag by Gordon Luk. It is a comprehensive open source tagging and folksonomy code in php. The source code is also hosted in Google Code. The best feature of it is you can use this code with little modification to fit your requirement. First time I used it in for their book store application. Currently I am using it in another website which is under development.

I am having an issue of compatibility with this code and I am writting this post for it. If you look at the code you will find that it uses the ADODB Library for database operations. In my case I am happy with PEAR::DB. Now for me to use this code I need to use 2 different database component as PEAR::DB and ADODB Library. It seems useless to me. So I decided to make the code compatiable with PEAR::DB. While working upon the compatibility modification I also made 3 changes as

  1. I have written a function as show_debug_text() which is a replacement of debug_text().
  2. I have removed the silly_list() function from my code as it was declared as deprecated.
  3. I have renamed the main class file from freetag.class.php to freetag.db.class.php

Here is the sample code for use this

  1. <php?
  2. require_once("/path-to/freetag.db.class.php");
  3. $DbObj = DB::connect($dsn, $options); //this is the database connection object using PEAR::DB
  4. $OptionArray = array(
  5.                ‘table_prefix’ => ‘mytags’,
  6.                );
  7. $TagObj = new freetag($DbObj, $OptionArray);
  8. // Use this object to call tag related functions .
  9. ?>

Here is the code modified by me.
If you use this code please let me know if you have any problem.