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Advertizing hazard?

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New biological race?

The KBM-09

Hey, if you are thinking that I am going to talk about a application or software, then stop thinking. Its not a sofware/code/appliaction or somthing like that. Its all about a successful event happened last Saturday on 8th August 2009. Its Kolkata Bloggers Meet 2009 organised by Webreps in Cafe Coffee Day, RDB Adlabs Sector V, Saltlake City.

A cozy moment

A cozy moment

It was a wonderful evening with great atmosphere, good mass of perticipents, also good food and drink. I really enjoyed the evening and actually learnt a lot about blogging. Speeches from Aji Issac Mathew, Arun Agarwal, Vikas Kedia, Abhishek Rungta and Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury were really valuable inputs. Most interesting part was the interaction between bloggers. So many people exchanging ideas, thoughts upon such a topic called blogging. It is really unbelievable. I am damm sure that who ever wasn’t present over there missed a lot. More over I got chances to meet my old friends and colleagues specially Anand and Debasish. One thing I must say, I was almost spellbound when I saw Soham’s presentation.

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Coffee experience

I used to think myself as a coffee lover. I like tea and coffee either with or without milk. But my favorite is black coffee. Many people don’t like black coffee due to its bitter taste and I liked it for the same reason. Due to the reason easy to prepare, I take most of the branded instant coffee. Last week I had gone to a well known branded coffee shop in shopping mall with my friend. We were coming back to office after a client meeting and my friend suggested me to have a good coffee treat after the meeting. There we had a tempting experience which put me in a dilemma of continuing my love for coffee.

After we entered into the coffee shop waiter showed us a table to seat and presented the menu (like a weekly magazine). Without wasting our time by going through it we ordered two Espresso for us. I had Americano earlier and so I thought Espresso is something like that. After few minutes waiter served us our order. I  was little curious while looking at the items, 2 small cups containing 4-5 sips of dark black concentrated coffee along with small paper packs of sugar and few cookies. The quantity of coffee was quite low but I was impressed with the aroma coming from them. So I put little sugar which was colored brown from the pack, mixed it with a spoon and made myself prepared to have a great experience of coffee. I just sipped a little and spontaneously OMG came out from my mouth. It was so concentrated and so bitter I ever had. It seemed to me like I some horrible medicine. I was trying to have it as quickly as possible but it seemed to like one of the toughest jobs I ever had. Both of us were almost speechless while completing our cups. We paid the bill, came out of the shop. Form a nearby grocery shop we bought bottle of drinking water and almost emptied them. Then we took a car and rush back to our office. Rest of the day we were cherishing about the coffee we had.

Coffee - Espresso

Coffee - Espresso

Today I find out some good resource about coffee. I learned a lot about coffee and it’s ordering options. Now I am sure I won’t order Espresso, may be I will go for Espresso Macchiato or Flat White or Cappuccino or may be Caffé Mocha. I request to all the reader who likes coffee but have less knowledge about it please read Coffee Drinks Illustrated or similar kind of stuffs before you go for a coffee break.

Welcome 2009

Warm session greeting to all my friends, family members, co-workers, well wishers, supporters and last but wish to be least – spammers. Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2009 :)

I got my new logo

For me its a celebration time! Wanna know why ?

Well I got my new logo for my website and company. At first take a look at it.

WCE Logo

Designed by my friend Nilkamal. Before he start working on it he asked me a simple question.

Do you dream about it?

I said yes. After 2 days this is the outcome. Simple but caries the senses. I like this guy, not because he is my friend but because of his artistic senses. I also love his professionalism. Together we had lot discussions related to art, culture, trends in visualization jobs and many more. Some day I will try to take his interview and then post it here.

** This is a long waiting post, as I was very busy with my jobs. Also I found some problem with my blog, which needed fresh installation. So I upgrade it with current version and make this post live.