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Working with SMF

I was working upon upgradate & modification of a forum powered by SMF. My first job was to upgrade the forum from SMF 1.1.14 to SMF 2.0.1. I found no difficulties in doing the upgardate. If you are not well accomplish with SMF upgrade process then here is a good instruction for you.

My next job was to customize the board icons. I googled a mod for this purpose. It is cbi v0.5 (Custom Board Icons). I downloaded the latest version of the mod which is I tried to follow the installation process for the mod but got no result. Then I tried for the manual installation instruction for SMF version 2.0.1. But it was my bad luck as I found the modification wasn’t compatible with version 2.0.1. So I had to spent some time with the code to make it work. This is what I had done.
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