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Start Rollout

Light!! Sound!! Action!!

Lets start.

Welcome to my blog. I gonna make my first post right now. Though I am not a good write but I feel at least I manage myself to express the thoughts that I like to share with others. I am not as good as regular blogger too, but I will definitely try my best to be like them.

Well this is a long awaiting moment for me since I had started blogging in another well known website. I was dreaming from that time to have my own blog in a domain owned by me. I dreamed, thought, planned, dropped all and started from scratch many times. Somehow I couldn’t reach the goal. May be I wasn’t enough prepared for that. But I kept the faith on myself that someday I will do it.

I have just started my own blog. Lots of things are already in my mind that I like to do, discuss over here. I am also looking for some good template for my blog. Good suggestions are always welcome. But I really dislike spams. Believe me or not, I have proven myself as spam assassinator in early times. The first thing I have done after installing the wordpress blog is, install the anti spam pluggin Akismet. I need to work on some message for the spammers too make them hate me. I will put that visible through out my blog.

I will come back with my next post very soon and I hope I will be able to get a suitable theme also.

Till then GoodLuck :)