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My favorite

I am still searching theme for my blog. While doing so an idea came in to my mind. I must list my favorite movies in my blog. I have posted them in one of my earlier blog. Here I am cherishing them again.

First one is all about a battle. You might have seen this. If not watch it here. I’m sure you will like.

This is the 2nd highest viewed movie in YouTube . It almost near to 13.5 million views in YouTube. BBC has already reported this as fast biggest web video hits. Though its a amateur video but it is becoming the envy of professional wildlife snappers. The movie has got a professional quality script which many film director like to work with, but in reality there was no script! Its a battle between survivor(calf), paladins(group of buffalo), hero of land (lions) and owner of water(crocodile). The eight-minute-long footage shows nothing can be unachievable. Enjoy the The battle of Kruger ..
Some raw facts about battle of Kruger :

  • Place : a watering hole near Pretoriuskop Camp, Mpumalanga in South Africa’s Kruger National Park
  • Time : September 2004
  • Shooter : David Budzinski acconpanied by Jason Schlosberg
  • Submitted to Youtube : May 03, 2007

Now, a comment from Budzinski

“I’m not a camera person. I’m just lucky to have it!”

The second favorite movie is about time. Do you agree that sometimes each minute in our life becomes very important, vital or say crucial to our life? I’m pretty sure you will surely agree with me after watching this movie.

Some facts :

  • Its named as Just 10 minutes
  • Made by Ahmed Imamovic
  • The film won the award for the best European short film in 2002

I hope you like them both. I will come up with some php related issue in my next post very soon. Till then :)